The DraftPak System

Cutaway Image

How It Works:

The DraftPak is an all in one tapping system for kegs. Built into the bottom of the DraftPak is a coupler that locks into a keg. The beer then flows into the 50′ stainless steel coil inside the DraftPak. That coil is surrounded by ice and the beer cools down as it travels through the coil. The built is faucet is the perfect height to pour from. The DraftPak also holds a CO2 tank inside to provide the pressure to push the beer through the system and keep it carbonated.  Making it easier than ever to enjoy a cold draft beer. 

CO2 Options:

Easy To Use:

Using the DraftPak is as easy as setting it on top of the keg, twisting it to lock it onto the keg and adding ice inside the cooler- it’s that easy. It can be setup in just a couple minutes and last all day. The DraftPak also looks great, doesn’t take up any more space than the keg itself and is easy for one person to transport and quickly setup. The best part is, it eliminates the need for trash barrels, hand pumps and sitting around waiting for your beer to get cold.