The DraftPak

The DraftPak is a new way to enjoy a cold beer from a keg wherever you are. The DraftPak taps directly onto any standard size keg and is completely self-contained. It's perfect for bars, event spaces and caterers as well as individuals who want a portable way to cool down beer from a keg without electricity and without waiting hours.


Like most new products, the DraftPak started with a problem worth solving- finding a better way to serve beer from a keg.

The DraftPak has been designed to be the easiest and most convenient way to tap a keg and each DraftPak is hand built in the United States.

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How it works

At the bottom of the DraftPak is the integrated coupler and base. Using the DraftPak is as simple as placing it on the keg and twisting to lock it on. The beer flows through the iced down coil inside so it's a perfect temperature when you pour. And because it uses a CO2 tank inside it helps keep the beer fresher longer and eliminates the need to pump the keg.

No Waiting

A room temperature keg surrounded by ice takes hours to cool down. But that's not an issue when you use the DraftPak.  You can enjoy cold beer in minutes.


Choose your own accessories and style to create your own uniqe DraftPak experience. 


No electricity needed

No electricity means no limits! You can take your DraftPak anywhere.  All you need is a bag of ice.

No lifting

A full keg weighs around 160 pounds so lifting it into a trashcan isn't always easy. And let's face it, a trash can just looks trashy.



Where to Rent a DraftPak



Located In

Lawrence, KS


Phone: 785 380 8202