Trouble with your DraftPak system?

Make sure that you are connecting the DraftPak to a US Domestic Sanke style keg.
Looking at the bottom of the DraftPak, grab the metal coupler (metal piece with the rubber seal around it) and twist it counter clockwise to ensure it is in a good starting position.
Ensure base (black disc) is threaded up towards the cooler bottom before you attempt to tap the DraftPak onto the keg. This will ensure you have enough clearance to full engage the keg.
Start by rotating DraftPak counter clockswise while centered onto keg- you should feel the DraftPak drop slightly when it gets to the correct position. Then, while holding the handles rotate clockwise until it stops (about a quarter turn). Lastly, use downward force on the handles and turn another quarter turn.  

Always run beer through the line prior to adding ice and water. This will help you make sure that everything is working properly first in case you need to retap the DraftPak on the keg. It will also keep you from freezing liquid in the line which can happen if you add the ice and water before running beer all the way through the system.
Double check that the DraftPak is fully tapped by screwing base (black disk) counter clockwise to give clearance between the DraftPak and keg, Then, while pressing down on the DraftPak handles (do not use excessive force) attempt to rotate the DraftPak further clockwise. If it turns that means it may not have been fully tapped on the keg.
Make sure gas is on- red lever in line with red hose and if your regulator has a dial on it check to see that the pressure is reading approx. 30 PSI.  

Turn off gas immediately and repeat the setup process. The leaking gas indicates that the DraftPak was not properly tapped onto the keg or that it was tapped at an angle. This could also indicate that the seal is ripped or damaged- double check that the black seal at the bottom of the DraftPak has not been damaged.

You will usually get a lot of foam right at the beginning. Give the system a minute or so to stabilize after adding the ice and turning the gas on. After pouring the first few cups of foam the DraftPak should pour properly. Otherwise-
Check to make sure that you have properly added ice and water to the DraftPak. The coil inside the cooler should be covered with ice and then filled with water up to the top of the coil.
Keep the pressure on the regulator set at approx. 30 PSI. This system is balanced to run properly at this pressure. Lowering the pressure will generally make the problem worse.  

Make sure you still have plenty of ice. If your ice has melted you can drain some of the water off using the spigot on the back of the DraftPak and add more ice.
Check your CO2 pressure and make sure it is still reading approx. 30psi. If your tank is running out of gas it may not be able to maintain the proper pressure and you will need to use a new tank or get your tank refilled.
You might be running out of beer- oh no! As you get to the bottom of a keg it may start pouring foamy at the very end.   

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